I charge £20 per hour plus expenses and the cost of your research will depend on whether you want certificates and if the research is web based or involves visting local archives.

There are a number of options available including:

  • One Surname line researchGrandad O'Grady
  • Two surname line research
  • Four surname research (i.e. all four grandparents)
  • Full family research
  • Brick Wall Service – to help you solve those family conundrums

As I am based in Herefordshire I have access to the Herefordshire Archives and Record Centre.  I can also undertake web- based research for families based in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland as well as some other countries including Belgium.

Your family history will be presented as a genealogical report covering all researched relatives, with copies of documents (where permitted by copyright, licensing and/or other restrictions).

To find out more without any obligation please contact me.