Terms and Conditions

Initial consultation

The initial consultation is free and allows me to discover what you are looking for and also for you to discover what is possible and what isn’t. It will be useful for me to have a look at any research that has already been done by your famiy or an outline of the documents that you already have. Once this has been done I can make an estimate of the amount of time needed to achieve your goals.  You are under no obligation to proceed  any further but if you want to, we will agree on research goals and a timeframe.


Failed searches

Sometimes despite my best efforts, there may be a person or person who cannot be found despite extensive searches.  A charge will still be payable for my time and I will provide you with a list of sources searched and terms used for future reference and research.

Sensitive issues

My research may discover events that are uncomfortable or distressing such as illegitimacies, divorces and imprisonment.  If you do not want to hear about certain issues, please tell me so that I can respect your wishes.

Any queries about any of these items, please contact me.