Using Belgian archives online

One of the first places to start with your Belgian research is the web page of the Belgian archives which contains a wealth of information. Although some of the pages are in English, it will be helpful to have some phrases in either French or Flemish which can be translated using google translate.

The pages contain the result of years and decades of work of many volunteers. Thousands of pages of records were analysed systematically , to give a brief description of the document (content , date, geographic area). Then the names of all the persons mentioned in the document were noted, with, if possible, an indication of other data such as the place and date of birth , etc.

These are the areas that are currently covered:

1          Parish Registers Baptisms – Brussel

2          Parish Registers Baptisms – West-Vlaanderen

3          Parish Registers Marriages- Brussel

4          Parish Registers Marriages- West-Vlaanderen

5          Parish Registers Marriages- De Klinge

6          Parish and Civil Registers Funeral Deeds – Brussel

7          Parish Registers Funeral Deeds – West-Vlaanderen

8          Parish Registers – Villages around Namur

9          Parish Registers – Grimbergen

10        Parish Registers – Pâturages


Marriage certificates contain the following information about the bride and groom:

  • name
  • place and date of birth
  • age
  • where living
  • profession
  • whether there was a signature

There is also the same information (if available) for the mother and father of both the bride and bridegroom and also the witnesses.

Illegitimate children are also listed with their date of birth.


A death record includes the following information on the deceased:

  • name
  • place of birth
  • age
  • where living
  • profession
  • marital status
  • place, date and time of death.

It also includes the name and profession of both of the parents and information about the witnesses.