Shop ’til you Drop – 1861 style!

This month I have been looking at some of the delights on offer in Hereford in October 1861, courtesy of the Hereford Times. What would tempt you to splash the cash?

French and English Stay and Bonnet Warehouse

9 Saint Peters Street Hereford

Mrs Maclean

Begs most respectfully to inform the Ladies of this City and Neighbourhood that she has returned from London with a large stock of NEW GOODS for the AUTUMN and WINTER trade in straw, crinoline and military bonnets, ladies and Children’s Felt hats in Registered Shapes etc; French and English Ribbons, Flowers, Feathers; French and English Stays of the latest improved shapes. 

Mrs M begs to call particular attention to her large stock of Ladies Crinoline, both of English, French and American manufacture, with all the new improvements in patent adjusted springs etc. 

Bonnets Cleaned, Altered and Turned to the prevailing fashion.

Hereford Times 05 October 1861

Great Bargains in ironmongery

Selling off at J Grout’s (late Stephens’)

15 High Town Hereford

J.G being about to make considerable alterations on the above premises begs to inform Friends and the Public in general that he is now offering the whole of his old stock at a reduction of at least 50 per cent consisting of Register and other stoves, Fenders, Fire irons, Iron bedsteads, Papier maché and Japanned trays, Tea and coffee urns, Metal tea and coffee pots, Electro-plated wares, Dish covers, Baths, Toilet wares, Tin Goods, Builders’ ironmongery etc

N.B. Hotel and Innkeepers will find this a favourable opportunity.

Hereford Times 12 October 1861

Hereford Ropery, 10 Commercial Road

T Simister

Begs to inform his friends and the Public that he intends re—opening his Old-Established shop in the New Market entrance, High Town on Wednesday next, where they can be supplied on market days with Ropes, Twines, Sacks, waterproof covers and every other article connected with the trade.

T.S would also like to call l attention to his matting and fancy repository, High Street – Cocoa matting in stock from one foot to two yards wide and made up to any size required; likewise doormats in great variety

Hereford Times 12 October 1861

Photographic Institute

Castle Hill, Castle Green

Proprietor: Mr Wm Pousty of London and Cheltenham

Cartes de Visite, Album pictures and every style of Photographic portrait.

N.B. the first-class negative pictures are all coloured by Mr Gwatkin Hill

Carte de Visite 6 for 20s or 21 for one Guinea.

Hereford Times 12 October 1861

Pure Cheap Stirling Tea!!

Families and large consumers of tea are invited to make trial of the Sterling Congou at three shillings and three shillings and fourpence per pound being of good quality and worthy of trial.  New fruit of finest growth.

A Powell and Son

Eign street, Hereford

High street Kington

Hereford Times 19 October 1861

Golden Cross

Maylord street

Opposite the new market entrance

E. Fowles jun

Serves in any quantity either in or out of the House, the following beverages at the lowest prices:-

Genuine foreign wines and spirits

Family Fresh Dinner and Supper Ales

Dublin Porter, Cider, Perry etc

Chops, steaks at any hour

Well aired beds.  Comfort and economy.

Hereford Times 19 October 1861

John Griffiths (late foreman to Mr J . l Stephens),

bellhanger, locksmith, whitesmith, shoeing and jobbing smith, respectfully informs the public generally that he has commenced business in the above lone and hopes by strict attention to business, together with good workmanship, and moderate charges, to merit a share of public support.

Wire fencing. Palisading etc neatly and expeditiously executed. Wrought iron cider Mill screws on sale

New Market street, Hereford.  October 4th 1861

N.B. An apprentice wanted

Hereford Times 26 October 1861

Cheshire Cheese warehouse

New Ready Money Provision shop

No.2 Crescent (opposite the new market entrances) Maylord street, Hereford

C Everall

General Provision merchant

Begs to announce to the Public that he is removing from Church Street to the more commodious premises No. 2 Crescent, Maylord Street.

C.E. has just concluded engagements with some of the most celebrated Dairies in the kingdom and is about to visit the first Markets.  He will open his shop on Wednesday next when all persons desirous of purchasing the following articles of first rate quality, at the lowest prices, will find it to their advantage to give the above establishment a trial:

  • Cheshire Cheese
  • Gloucester cheese
  • Cheddar cheese
  • American cheese
  • Radnorshire Tub Butter
  • Fresh Butter and Eggs
  • Melton Mowbray Pork Pies, regularly by the Worcester railway
  • Genuine Scotch Oatmeal of the finest quality at the lowest price
  • Country fed and Home Cure bacon
  • Smoked bacon and Hams, highly recommended by families and hotels
  • Hillier’s celebrated pork sausages received fresh every morning at 10d per pound
  • Fine new Split Peas
  • Prime Lard
  • Pickles, pickling Vinegar
  • Worcester sauce
  • Spanish and English Onions
  • Etc etc

N.B. Families and Hotels supplied at Wholesale Prices

Observe: The new provision shop will open on Wednesday next.

Hereford Times 26 October 1861

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