52 Ancestors – Major Griffiths

This weeks’ #52Ancestors theme is favourite photo. This, to be honest changes all the time but today it is this photo of my Mum and the family dog Major. My grandad spent a long time on the army so I’m sure it tickled him to be able to order a Major around even though Major was very much his own dog!

Major used to follow my aunts into town when they were going to work and sit outside barking until they came out with a treat. This was obviously preferable to being dressed up in a baby’s bonnet and put in a toy pushchair by my Mum!!

One Christmas day my Grandad took Major to the Gamecock pub in Hereford. Whilst there, Major managed to get drunk and Grandad left him there to sleep it off. However my Mum and aunts made such a fuss, Grandad had to drive round and pick him up before anyone would eat Christmas dinner. Thank goodness there were no after effects.

My grandmother used to be horrified as Major had a habit of stealing bread, bacon and other bits from the Co-op van. He never ate any of it but proudly brought it in to my grandmother.

All of this is despite the fact that my Grandad used to train German Shepherds and won awards for their obedience. Stories of Major always used to make me laugh and hence today’s photo. Gone but definitely not forgotten!

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